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Merrell is a maker of high-performance hiking boots. It is founded by Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweizer in 1981. Merrell applied a 'no compromise' approach to their boot-making. The team added American cowboy boot technology to the Italian boot manufacturing process. The ¼-inch thick heel counter was designed to make boots last a decade. In fact the Wilderness boot, one of the earliest Merrell styles with its signature blue laces, still remains in the line today.

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Discover Adventure Footwear at Merrell Outlets

When you need performance shoes that can keep pace on trails, in water, and beyond, Merrell is the brand trusted by outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. For hikers and adventurers seeking Merrell's durable designs at discounted prices, Merrell outlets offer insider access to the label's most popular footwear.

Men Merrell BERNER MOC ESPRESSO Outlet Online

The shelves at Merrell outlets are lined with the brand's top styles like the durable Moab hiking boot, versatile Jungle Moc slip-on, and athletic Siren Edge watershoe. Merrell's innovative technologies like Vibram soles, M Select FRESH odor control, and air cushion midsoles ensure each pair is primed for outdoor action.


Yet Merrell outlets provide more than just deals on shoes. Some locations offer complimentary foot analyses from Merrell's Gear Experts to find your perfect fit. Others provide access to local hiking and run clubs so you can hit the trails with your new kicks. Limited edition styles and special sales are also offered.


For unprecedented access to Merrell's adventure-ready footwear, outlets are a must for active families and outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can find Merrell's pinnacle performance and comfort Technologies at insider prices. Lace up, strap in, and get ready to tackle your next peak or trail.

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Merrell’s latest Scrap collection diverts textile waste into new shoes online sale

The latest collection from outdoor footwear brand Merrell outlet online features three of its best-selling styles with one notable design change:each pair is one of a kind, stitched together out of leftover bits of fabric that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Regina Hill, marketing manager at Merrell outlet store, said the concept for the “Scrap” collection began percolating before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The brand was coming up with ways to meet its goal of having 100% of its products come from recycled, renewable or organic materials by 2025. Using products like recycled mesh and recycled rubber to create laces and outsoles, Merrell is 70% of the way toward its goal.

The effort is a small-scale but notable example of how to deal with textile and materials waste, a persistent problem for companies in the apparel industry. Not only is the public becoming more aware of detrimental environmental effects of overflowing landfills, but a company’s bottom line is also impacted by materials gone unused or unsold. 

“We were making these products in our factory and we realized there was textile waste, which is a normal thing, but there’s an opportunity to take that waste and reimagine it, and not necessarily consider it waste,” Hill said. Textile waste often consists of leftovers of a sheet of material generated off of machines that are die-cutting parts for shoes. The waste is oddly-shaped scraps that would otherwise be tossed.

The Environmental Protection Agency found that 11.3 million tons of textiles were sent to landfills in 2018, representing nearly 8% of all solid waste. But it’s difficult to ascertain how much of that comes from factory floors. Frank Zambrelli, vice chair of the industry trade group Fashion Makes Change and sustainability expert, said that there’s little concrete information on how much textile waste is generated from fashion production. Some companies include it as a cost of doing business, he said.

“These are embarrassing and hidden elements inside every company, even inside companies with great accounting,” he said. “There are silos built around these numbers, no one wants to open the closet on that very ugly secret.”

But in the face of increasing shopper interest in eco-friendly and sustainability products, Zambrelli said there is a burgeoning opportunity for brands or third parties to come up with solutions to repurpose waste – providing they’re willing to put in the extra planning and effort. 

“It’s still very challenging, because of availability and coordination,” he said. “I think it’s harder in many ways. But what I see is an openness and a willingness to make the proposition work.”

A bulk of the products from outdoor brand Cotopaxi are made from repurposed or recycled materials, including the colorful Del Dia line of packs and bags made up of unused scraps from other brands manufacturing at a factory in the Philippines. There are also independent designers who make their own products, like Zero Waste Daniel who partnered with ThredUp on a collection made up of donated garments last year. 

But there are also efforts that aim to take the scraps out of the factory of use elsewhere. New York-based Fabscrap or Oregon-based Looptworks that collect unused materials to be turned into other products of recycled materials. In 2021, LVHM launched Nona Source, an online platform that sells unused fabrics and leathers from its high-end designers.

At Merrell, Hill said the scraps are collected in bins at the end of the cutting lines. Those pieces are handcut into smaller, easier-to-use shapes, which are then stitched together in a patchwork pattern to form the upper soles of the shoes in the Scrap line. The rest of the parts of hte shoes are made from other recycled materials. The collection includes three styles in men and women’s sizes – the low-slung hiking shoe Moab 3, the trail running shoe Moab Speed, and the slip-on Jungle Moc.

Merrell didn’t tally up how much material was diverted into the collection, but Hill said that it was material generated from other production runs.Part of the challenge, Hill said, was coming up with a design that used the scraps in a way that fit Merrell’s rugged outdoor aesthetics and still performed as well as its traditional line of products.

“As much as we want to be sustainable, we don’t compromise on style,” she said. “That was the key point here, to be able to merge the style and fashion piece, and knowing you can look good, do good and feel good a the same time.”

Mayrclire Manard is the CEO with Cluey Consumer, a resource for shoppers to learn about a company’s social and environmental policies. She said that it is important for brands pushing sustainable practices to have an educational component. For example, a “closed loop” manufacturing practice doesn’t mean much to someone who isn’t familiar with the term — but explaining how the product diverts materials from the trash might land better. 

“There needs to be an aligned incentive,” she said. “A big way in which brands can get reception on a new product line is how they sell the story around what it means to the consumer.”

Merrell plans on marketing the Scrap collection on its website, as well as in promotions for Zero Waste Week which runs through Sept. 8. Hill said as an outdoor brand it’s important for Merrell to consider what it means to protect the outdoors — and that means experimenting with new ways to make products out of recycled or repurposed materials.

“We wanted to put our name out there and put our name in the ground,” she said.

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Merrell MTL Skyfire 2 outlet online sale Review

You’d be forgiven if you blinked over the last decade and didn’t notice what the shoe designers at Merrell outlet store— particularly in trail running — have been up to. What many of us know as a common hiking-shoe manufacturer has snuck up on trail runners in a major way with the new Merrell MTL Skyfire 2 ($200).

The “MTL” in the shoe’s name stands for “Merrell Test Lab” sale and the brand is carving out a space for this high-performance division with its own social media feeds that are separate from the general Merrell account and where the messaging is all about design uniqueness, experimental concepts, and a stated mission to “make the MTL Skyfire 2 the running shoe with the most FKTs [fastest known times] on earth.”

This is a “super shoe” but not like the ones taking down records on the road; it’s a confounding mix of super lightweight with strong materials that can inspire speed going up and down as quickly as possible. I’ve become something of an expert in lightweight, short distance trail running shoes, so I’ve got many pairs of shoes to reference when the application is fast running for short distances, particularly up and down steep mountains.

I’ll get into the reasons that the MTL Skyfire 2 is not flawless, but in terms of a shoe that will help you PR or FKT this is one to strongly consider.

In terms of stats, this shoe weighs 7.1 ounces (200 grams) in a U.S. men’s 9, and has 6 millimeters of drop.

Make sure to also have a look at our Best Lightweight Trail Running Shoes article, where we’ve named the Merrell MTL Skyfire 2 the best lightweight shoe for technical terrain.

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Merrell Boots Outlet - The 9 Best Men's Travel Shoes of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Traveling with more than a couple of pairs of shoes is difficult, so planning for a trip demands comfortable, practical footwear and a jack of all trades.

Different types of travelers will have different needs, and some folks may need to bring more than one pair, no matter how hard they look for the one perfect travel shoe. For example, business travelers often need a formal option but still bring athletic footwear to stay active away from home. To address as many types of travelers as possible, we’ve presented our top picks in a range of categories below.

Our testers took 19 shoes and boots and put them through their paces at home and while traveling to evaluate comfort, style, durability, and value. Keep reading to learn why our testers loved these top picks to find the best travel shoes for you and how you travel.

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ROCKFORD, Mich., Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Merrell®, the world's leading hike and outdoor footwear brand, announced a collaboration with artist Jordan Ann Craig. The partnership features all-new designs and bold prints by Craig herself while celebrating Indigenous design and the world in which this art was meant to traverse.

Craig is a painter born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, now residing in northern New Mexico. Her work is changing the definition of Native American art as a Northern Cheyenne artist. She creates new narratives within her art while celebrating her ancestors and Indigenous land. Her work includes paintings, prints, collages, textile prints, and artist books.

"It's so important for art to live off of walls, traverse the earth, and be a part of our daily lives," said Jordan Ann Craig. "The shoes are not only my art, but they look like where I live and what I experience. We were able to celebrate that belief by taking abstract designs and bringing them to life through this collection with Merrell."

The collaboration includes five pieces of footwear, one beanie, one sweatshirt, and one fanny pack. Craig energized Merrell classics, including the Embark Lace, Embark Moc, Encore Ice 4, Bravada 2 Demi, and Bravada 2 Mid.

Merrell's recent Inclusivity in the Outdoors Report found Indigenous Peoples face discriminatory barriers to being in their natural homes, with 22% indicating they have experienced discriminatory treatment when outside. A 2021 study found that Indigenous Peoples in the U.S. have lost nearly 99% of the land they once inhabited despite having a traditional, deeply connected relationship with Earth.

"As we all have vastly different views on what art is, so too are our perceptions of the outdoors," said Merrell Marketing Manager Regina Hill. "It's essential to create a narrative of those diverse points of view. We were able to tell that story through our work with Jordan Ann Craig. This collaboration helps highlight the barriers found in our report and give a voice to a community with a deep connection to, relationship with, and respect for the outdoors."

In tandem with the collaboration, Merrell is supporting the Fort Robinson Outbreak Spiritual Run with a $45,000 donation toward the 2024 run. With $3 from each item sold in the collection benefitting next year's run. Merrell also outfitted each child in the 2023 run with head-to-toe apparel and shoes, which was held January 8 through 14.

"Art can be a healing piece, and I hope others are able to find that space within my work and through this collaboration," said Craig.

The annual 400-mile run commemorates the Northern Cheyenne breakout of Fort Robinson and began as a tribute to its ancestors. Now, in its 27th year, the run is a forum for healing and wellness; youth leadership and empowerment; cultural and language preservation; environmental justice; and creating social change.

For more information on Merrell, please visit merrell.com. Jordan Ann Craig's pieces can be found online at www.merrell.com/us/en/jordan-ann-craig.

Merrell® exists to share the simple power of being outside and is committed to building an inclusive and sustainable environment for future generations to enjoy. As the global leader in outdoor active footwear with the Moab hiking boot and Jungle Moc, Merrell is focused on merging performance, styling, and comfort to empower all people to confidently explore the outdoors. The brand was recently named Footwear News' 2022 Brand of the Year for promoting a more diverse vision of the outdoors. Visit Merrell.com or follow us on social @Merrell. Merrell® is a division of Wolverine World Wide, Inc. (NYSE: WWW), one of the world's leading marketers and licensors of branded casual, active lifestyle, work, outdoor sport, athletic, children's and uniform footwear and apparel.

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Birth of the Teenager's Merrell Outlet Collaboration Surfaces

A consistent stream of collaborations continues to catapult out from Merrell‘s lifestyle category lately. We’ve seen the vector brand link up with Mountain Research for a unique take of the Beatnik as well as Wood Wood for a clean Classic Low team-up, and now it’s partnering with Birth of the Teenager for a new Club C 85 installment.

For context, Birth of the Teenager aka BoTT is a brand started by Tokyo-based artist Teito who has established an identity for producing quality streetwear and workwear pieces. Most of the kicks are predominantly done up with neutral tones, but playful accents are also incorporated across the base layer. A majority of the uppers are fashioned with smooth white leather while multi-colored shapes are applied to the lateral side. The Japanese imprint’s acronym replaces the traditional Merrell branding on the lateral windows, and it also dresses up the lower half of the tongues and the second set of laces. Down below, the standard creamy Club C 85 outsole brings its design together.

Interested in copping? Select retailers like atmos Tokyo have these in stock now for ¥12,000 (approx. $84 USD).

For other sneaker news, the Merrell Shaq Attaq “OG” is slated to make a return.

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Merrell Outlet Online - 14 greatest sandals for girls in 2022 with consolation and magnificence

It’s that point of the season when your favourite sandals are wanting worn out and also you’re prepared for a brand new on a regular basis pair. However let’s face it, the shoe division can really feel like a reasoning and decision-making examination. Not solely are you juggling value and dimension, but in addition the type versus consolation dilemma. Do you choose the trendy pair that can reside in your closet endlessly? Or the comfy pair you gained’t be seen carrying exterior the home?

When selecting a sandal, you need one that’s each comfy and trendy. In spite of everything, no person needs to emphasize about aching ft, chafing or blisters. So we consulted with vogue consultants and podiatrists to seek out the perfect sandals for consolation and magnificence lovers alike.

Who doesn’t love this traditional double strap design? Dr. Elizabeth Daughtry, who focuses on podiatric drugs, loves the adjustable straps, cushioned suede footbed and particularly the only on this sandal. “The EVA sole is supportive and has an anatomic cork and latex footbed,” she says. “This enables for arch assist and molding to the person’s foot construction. EVA is an elastic materials that’s thought of among the finest shock-absorbing supplies in the marketplace as we speak.” The model makes a style for men too.

Take all the things nice in regards to the Santa Barbaras, however make them vegan! Whether or not you observe a vegan life-style or not, these slides are trendy, comfy and supportive. Daughtry recommends them for journey as a result of they’re gentle and simply packable.

As if the fashionable futuristic type isn’t sufficient, the American Podiatric Medical Affiliation (APMA) truly gave this sandal their very own Seal of Acceptance. “Apart from a cushiony sole, the underside of the sandal is formed like the underside of a ship,” Dr. Sophia Solomon says. “This enables your foot to rock from heel to toe in a single clean movement and minimizes shock on the knees and ankles.”

While you consider comfy-cute sandals, Birkenstocks in all probability instantly come to thoughts. However do you know they’re additionally good to your ft? In response to Solomon, “Birkenstocks are nonetheless among the finest choices on the market due to a couple attributes. The deep heel cup and arch assist stabilizes the heel, prevents extra pronation and distributes your weight throughout a bigger floor space. The metatarsal pad helps alleviate forefoot ache, or metatarsalgia, by shifting the load additional again in your foot.”

Ah, how we’ve cherished the return of the Croc! Jane Francis, a multidisciplinary designer with 35 years of expertise within the vogue business, vouches for them too. “The combination of excessive and low is all the time a profitable method in vogue,” she says. “I really like how wearers of all ages and genders can personalize their Crocs.” In case you want inspiration, Jane has her Crocs decked out with chains, crystals and designer logos.

These Oofos sandals have caught round for good purpose: For these with heel ache (and people with out), the froth cushion supplies assist and reduces shock. Plus, the Ooriginal thong type, which is an Underscored editor’s favourite, is made with a nonslip footbed making them appropriate for moist circumstances. Rain or shine, you don’t want to fret about sliding round.

Should you stroll rather a lot and don’t wish to commerce type for consolation, try these Cole Haan sandals. Strolling lengthy distances on New York Metropolis pavement is what led Carolina Obregón, a lecturer on the Parsons College of Design, to hunt out these gems.

We’ve got yet one more Birkenstock suggestion, this time for the securely-fitting Milano mannequin, which is available in loads of solids and patterns. Stone Hubbard, footwear and equipment design technologist on the Style Institute of Expertise, loves the suede cork base. “I just like the Milano Birkenstock as a result of they’re trendy just like the traditional Arizona mannequin and have an orthopedic cork and jute footbed,” he says. “They supply nice arch assist and match securely with the again heel strap.”

Have you ever heard the time period ‘gorpcorp’? It is a pattern that focuses on utility and performance. For vogue, leather-based and textile skilled Tjacob Hooker, who holds an MFA from the Style Institute of Expertise, Chacos are the best way to go. “I gravitate in the direction of extra ‘gorpcorp’ manufacturers due to their respect for the human physique,” he says. “Their design ethos is dedicated to ergonomics and continuous use.” Different manufacturers he recommends embody Birkenstock and Merrell.

How may one thing so trendy be comfy? These part-espadrille, part-wedge sandals are the carry it is advisable to elevate any look. Obregón describes them as elegant sufficient for any event, however you may nonetheless stroll for miles and miles.

Should you’re in search of a sandal that may be simply dressed up, you’re going to wish to try the Naot Kayla type. It does have a small heel, however your ft gained’t be aching. The cork and latex footbed conforms to your foot whereas the deep heel cup provides stability. In response to Dr. Timothy Oldani, a foot and ankle specialist, stability is basically necessary when contemplating a sandal. “The extra steady, the much less motion, which suggests much less ache and alternative for blisters,” he says.

That is thought of a climbing shoe, but it surely’s simply as trendy off the path. Hooker loves the unibody type of this sturdy slip-on. For an environmentally aware alternative, there’s the vegan-friendly model known as Hydro Moc with Bloom.

For designer Alla Eizenberg, the gold commonplace sandal comes from Celine. She loves the Sorel Kinetic Wedge Sandals for his or her neat look, affordable value and prime quality. “I wore them on my current trip to Italy and South France,” she says. “I walked round extensively they usually endured the medieval cobblestone streets with grace.” The neon accent colours and chunky platform type make a outstanding staff. Her different suggestion? You guessed it: a Birkenstock in any type.

You may’t go flawed with this Nike staple. “The Jordan model efficiently straddles the road between vogue and performance, cherished by each athletes and the on a regular basis client,” says Angela Finochio, a Style Institute of Expertise classroom assistant. You’ll wish to put on these sporty, light-weight sandals all over the place — in case you aren’t already. “The rise of athleisure vogue elevated the recognition of the slide silhouette, an informal type now discovered in lots of excessive vogue collections,” she says. “Sporting them with socks is totally acceptable and creates a possibility to type one’s look relying on the sock shade, sample and size alternative.”

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Merrell Outlet Online - The 10 Best Hiking Sandals, According to Outdoor Experts

This time of year, hiking sandals are our go-to hiking footwear because they’re lightweight and breathable, yet offer the traction of a good pair of boots. After all, in the heat of the summer, it’s much more enjoyable to strap on some sandals instead of trapping your feet in a pair of sweaty hiking boots. And, on an even more practical level, when the trail takes you through a creek, they let you splash right in without worrying about your shoes and socks.

Although these sandals are generally marketed for hiking, they’re suitable for outdoor adventures ranging from day hiking to kayaking to rafting to simply long days spent outside. Some designs are specifically for trail use, while others focus on waterproof materials for water sports. In other words, the best hiking sandal for you will depend on how you plan to use it.

What Should You Look For in a Hiking Sandal?

Like any other technical shoe, not all hiking sandals are created equal. Here are a few considerations when you’re shopping for the best hiking sandals from retailers like Backcountry, REI, and Amazon:

Open vs. Closed Toe Design

First off, you’ll have to choose between two main types of sandals: open-toe sandals or closed-toe sandals.

Open-toe sandals, like Chacos and Tevas, are the more breathable option, but they expose your feet to the elements. They’re particularly suitable for experienced hikers who are used to hiking in rocky terrain as well as people looking for a versatile adventure sandal that they can wear on casual day hikes and around town.

Closed-toe shoes, like the Keen Newport H2, are a safer option for most hikers, as they can better protect your feet from rocks and debris. Just keep in mind that their design limits breathability, so they hold onto moisture for longer.

Outsole Tread Pattern

Rugged, capable soles are what set hiking sandals apart from standard sandals because great traction is a must-have—especially on harder hikes. If you plan to venture into steeper terrain or onto slippery rocks, look for a pair of sandals made with sticky rubber (Vibram soles are a high-quality feature, for example) and a deep lug pattern along the sole to enhance your traction in various trail conditions.

However, if you plan to use your sandals around town, on flat trails, or during water activities, you may not need to prioritize a durable, grippy outsole.

Strap Design

The strap system on your sandals will play a key role in helping you feel comfortable and agile on the trail. If you can’t achieve a secure fit, you’ll feel unsteady on uneven terrain and risk blisters due to your foot sliding around in the footbed. “I would never buy a hiking sandal without very adjustable straps,” says Mariah Arianna, an adventure elopement photographer based in Austria who frequently hikes difficult terrain with up to 20 pounds of gear on her back for work.

Beyond adjustability, you should consider what strap style will feel best on your foot. Some sandals come with criss-crossing straps, like Chacos, while others, like Bedrocks, have a flip-flop style. Most have minimally padded straps so they dry quickly, but some options, like the Adidas or ECCO sandals, have more padded horizontal straps to eliminate pressure points on the top and side of your foot.


Chances are you’ll be taking your hiking sandals into water, whether you head to the beach, use them for rafting, or need to cross a stream. So, it’s a good idea to look for quick-drying materials like a waterproof PU footbed and polyester straps. Arianna always looks for hiking sandals that “are waterproof and have completely rubber soles that are easy to scrub with soap and water when they need to be cleaned.”

She recommends you avoid buying hiking sandals with delicate materials like suede or leather: “They stain and collect dirt and sweat too easily.” Plus, they don’t dry as well.


The footbed or insole is the interior part of the shoe where your foot rests—and its shape contributes to the overall comfort and support of the sandal. Gaby Pilson, an outdoor education and backpacking guide, explains that “most people find that they prefer a footbed that’s constructed to provide arch support as you walk, though some folks out there opt for more minimalist designs.” Shoes like the Chaco Z/1 and ECCO Yucatans are designed with arch support built into the footbed and midsole, while minimalist shoes like the Bedrock Cairn and XERO Genesis sacrifice arch support to offer a more barefoot feel. The preference between these styles varies from hiker to hiker, but if you aren’t sure what level of support you need, or if you have any foot issues, consult a podiatrist to find the right fit for you.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, check out our experts’ top picks for the best hiking sandals from brands like Chaco, Teva, and Bedrock.

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How Merrell Outlet Online Made Coco Gauff’s Signature Sneaker

Nobody expected a shut-down sports bar to be the setting to produce the first signature sneaker for 18-year-old tennis star Coco Gauff. But in 2020, as coronavirus quarantine upended traditional workspaces, the expected became increasingly uncommon.

Merrell, the sneaker brand partner Gauff has worked with since she was 14, took over Paradise Sports Lounge, a bar owned by her father in Delray Beach, Florida, using it as an impromptu design space for a day while it was closed for business. It was a necessity—virtual gatherings lack the candor needed to make good product. Behind the lounge’s tinted windows, employees from the brand traded ideas with Gauff in a first effort to distill her personality into a sneaker.

“They literally built out boards that I was able to print out and pin up,” says Evan Zeder, head of global tennis sports marketing at Merrell. “And it was: Who are you? What’s your vision? And we got her mom, her, her aunt, her best friend, we threw some music on.”

The long session would be followed by more rounds of feedback, and proper sneaker design with more traditional tools back at Merrell’s headquarters outside of Boston, but Gauff cites that vision meeting as the genesis of her signature shoe.

“We spent about five hours creating mood boards and talking with various designers on the Merrell team about what I liked, didn’t like, what I hoped for the design,” says Gauff, who is currently ranked no. 12 in the world at singles and no. 1 in the world at doubles, “and performance of the shoe and various other things to make sure they had a great starting point to be able to start to design the shoe.” 

That shoe, the Coco CG1, is making its commercial debut two years later, arriving on Friday in a neon-accented launch colorway at $170. She will wear her sneaker at a Grand Slam tournament for the first time next week, lacing up a pair at the US Open.

The model is dressed in touches personal to Gauff, from her name scrawled on its tongue to a mantra from her father (“You can change the world with a racket”) inscribed at the tip of the toe. It’s an unconventional tennis sneaker, cut higher than the average with a silhouette that resembles something you’re more likely to see on a basketball court.

“I took inspiration from basketball shoes and a mid cut isn’t really done in tennis so I wanted it to be unique in that way,” says Gauff. “I also wanted the shoe to be looked at like something you could wear on or off the court and I really like the street-style feel to a mid cut.”

Like Gauff, Merrell is Merrell on making the shoe viable for performance and lifestyle wear. One gets the sense there are likely collaboration pairs coming—although the Merrell team that worked on her shoe won’t give up any info in this regard other than cracking a smile and displaying some visible restraint.

The colors of the Coco CG1, a bold and bright couple of combos so far, are part of this effort. The shoe in this way evokes the flashy ‘90s models from Nike’s Air Tech Challenge line of tennis shoes that Andre Agassi played in.

The ‘90s and its pastel shades were an important design reference point for Gauff, despite her being born in 2004. The group who worked on her shoe ascribes her cultural awareness of a decade that preceded her time on this planet to her being an old soul. It shows in her interviews, where she displays a poise beyond her age. It shows, too, in the culture she consumes, according to Merrell designer Cordell Jordan.

“I’m a ‘90s baby and she almost knew more about the ‘90s than I did,” Jordan says. “She had certain inspirations from music—Aaliyah, TLC—certain graphics. Even one thing she talked about was the way the shoe should be paneled.”

Instead of hot melts and no-sew sections, the panels on the Coco CG1 are held together with more traditional stitching, as was more commonplace in shoe making decades ago. The neons of the launch colorway double as a connection back to the sizzling colors of her home state.

“I just love vibrant colors and in the ‘90s the fashion was so much fun,” says Gauff. “Also being from Florida it was a little nod to the Miami Vice, Art Deco, sunset vibe of Miami Beach.”

The second colorway of the sneaker, also releasing on Friday, is the one Gauff will wear next week in Queens. There, at the US Open, the model will have its proper on-court debut at the highest level of professional play.

Her sneaker was actually ready in time for Wimbledon earlier this summer, and originally planned as a March launch before that, but Merrell didn’t want Gauff to rush into playing in the Coco CG1 by switching up her footwear for that tournament at the last minute. Right after Wimbledon (where she advanced in singles play to the third round before losing to Amanda Anisimova) she made the change, putting her shoes on for exhibitions and matches leading up to the latest Grand Slam.

Her CG1 “DigiCoco” designed for the US Open is darker than the first colorway, with a rich red and blue upper that features a yellow outsole. This version of the sneaker is inspired by video games in reference to how Gauff’s talents are “almost video game-like,” per Merrell. Its colors are arranged with attention to the tones of the courts she’ll be playing on.

“You don’t want to have too much blue in the actual shoe itself—at least touching the ground,” Jordan says. “For certain colors you want to add more pop, more pizzazz, to give it a higher contrast.”

More important than colorways used are the actual tech aspects of the Coco CG1. Merrell says the sneaker uses the best materials the brand has available for performance shoes, which in this case means FuelCell cushioning and a Fit Weave Lite upper. Its sole uses Energy Arc, Merrell’s version of the foam-embedded carbon plate system that’s been popular in footwear for years now.

“It’s always been used in running, but to switch over into tennis obviously is a bit of a different challenge,” says Josh Wilder, a tennis footwear product manager at Merrell who worked on Gauff’s shoe. “Running is very straightforward, whether it’s on a track or whether it’s on long-distance running. When you’re playing tennis, you’re making lateral cuts all around the court.”

The carbon plate is designed to propel the wearer forward. Wilder says this has resulted in Gauff feeling like she’s better equipped to hit overhands and jump with a real feeling of bounce. The carbon fiber is embedded in a soft foam and then wrapped in rubber and a harder foam to add the kind of lateral stability needed for an athlete who’s moving horizontally so much.

The length of the plate changed while the shoe was being developed—at first, Merrell gave Gauff a sneaker with a full-length plate. They shortened it to cut down on stiffness, but the tech inside the Coco CG1 didn’t change drastically during the design otherwise. The upper didn’t shift much. For Gauff, the main goal was cutting precious ounces from her signature silhouette.

“One of the biggest things that changed over the course of the two years was the weight of the shoe,” she says. “When it comes to performance on court you want a light shoe, and the Merrell team was able to use different materials and a carbon fiber plate to make it as light as possible while still making it ideal for wearing and optimizing my performance.”

The brand tweaked the sneaker up through fall 2021 before settling on its design. Now that it’s out in the world, it’s a somewhat nerve-wracking period for the designers, who are finally seeing her live in the product after all their work.

And now that Gauff is actually wearing it in real competition, Merrell is already soliciting feedback from her. In all likelihood, Gauff’s first signature sneaker with Merrell won’t be her last.

“With the footwear industry being on such long lead times, we’re already even asking questions about what would she want to be improved, or what does she want to be changed,” says Wilder. “We’re going to give it a little bit of a buffer, a couple months I would say, but then, of course, you’re already starting to look ahead to the future and say, ‘What’s next?’”

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Merrell Outlet Store Brings "Dark Green" and "Vector Navy" to the Premier Road Modern

Merrell introduced the Premier Road Modern in 2020 and the model continues to offer sleek, futuristic looks. The fresh but familiar silhouette is the result of Merrell’s reinventing of its 2005 model with 15 design elements from its historic Premier Running collection. Since its debut, the model has been featured in multiple KANGHYUK collaborations, taken on a mid-top form and been offered in a variety of colorways. Expanding on its catalog, Merrell has brought “Dark Green” and “Vector Navy” to the new school runner.

Both colorways feature standard Premier Road Modern construction, including a textile upper, mesh underlays and supportive foam at the tongue, toe and heel. In “Dark Green,” the base of the upper holds shades of green while a “Pure Grey” outfits the overlays. “Cloud White” covers most of the DMX technology-infused midsole and rubber outsole as green hits the heel portion. “Vector Navy” operates similarly as black overlays rest atop its navy base layer which reaches to the heel of the primarily black sole.

The Merrell Premier Road Modern “Dark Green” and “Vector Navy” colorways are available now via global retailers such as Packer at a price of $200 USD.

In other footwear news, Puerto Rican rapper and singer Anuel AA has teamed up with Merrell to outfit the Pump Omni Zone II.

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